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About Ryan
Ryan Francois is popularly known for his choreography on Strictly Come Dancing, especially the Charleston routine that earned Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan (aka "Team COLA") Five 10's and the win in the Strictly finals.

Ryan Francois is 2 time winner of the U.S. Open and American Swing Dance Championships. He is the foremost authority in the US & UK on all dances connected and related to the Jazz & Swing era - including The Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Jive, Charleston, Tap, Be Bop and Blues.

Ryan has most recently finished working on THE STRICTLY TOUR for Phil McIntyre, and choreographing the Jive & Lindy Hop for the UK series of "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE". His unique and very modern approach to traditional styles of dance are very much in demand.
More Facts
Ryan is the founder and Artistic director of the dance Company Swing X-Treme – a fusion based group specialising in Ryan's favourite dance style The Lindy Hop.

Ryan's best works to date are for the BROADWAY SHOW "SWING", which is nominated for 7 Tony Awards, including Best choreography award. As well as Disney Motion Picture "Swing Kids" (Starring Christian Bale & Robert Sean Leonard) and "Do You Come Here Often" - winner of the Olivier Award for best entertainment. Other credits include "Strictly Dance Fever" Seasons 1 & 2 on BBC Television, "Dancing With The Stars" on ABC Network as Featured Performer & Choreographer, Guest Artist "Britain's Got Talent" on ITV, Choreographer 'Candyman' on "Swing X-Treme", "The Irresistible's" Tony Awards, and The cast of "Swing" at Radio City Music Hall Choreographer and Performer.

In a career that has spanned over 20 years his favorite moments are many "Idlewild" with OutKast for it's innovation of fusing Hip Hop with Swing.
"Dudley Moore A Man For All Seasons" at Carnegie Hall, especially meeting and working with Hollywood Legend Lauren Bacall. "The Polar Express" Robert Zemeckis for the simple pleasure of being a dancing Elf.
To dance means to conduct a physical dialogue with the outside world, to move without restrictions

Professional Career

Ryan has been moving and creating in the profession for the past 40 years!


Choreography for many theatre performances, Broadway shows and others


Ryan has choreographed and participated in many TV shows such as "So you think you can dance" and many more


The Polar Express, Idlewild, Malcolm X - you can find Ryan choreography style in these films




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