Bright Start

Ryan Francois was part of a Black British resurgence of African originated dances in eighties Britain. In 1987, he formed The Authentic Jazz Dance Company named "Zoots and Spangles". Funded by the British Arts Council.


Professional Development

Ryan developed his knowledge of dance especially the Authentic Jazz Dances from their original source, chiefly Pepsi Bethel and Frankie Manning. He was the assistant choreographer of the movie "Swing Kids" (1993) and "Malcolm X" (1992), his theatre credits also include: "Do You Come Here Often", "Dance", "Shall We Dance", "Souls in Motion", "Dancing and Singing the Blues", and "Mr. Puntilla and his man Matti".


Star Shines

Ryan Francois has appeared in music videos for Robert Palmer, Matt Bianco, Lisa Stansfield, Timmy Thomas and The Pasadenas.


Contribution to People and the World

Ryan is the founder and Artistic director of the dance Company Swing X-Treme – a fusion based group specialising in Ryan's favourite dance style The Lindy Hop. Witness of the origins and evolution of the Lindy Hop, he started his experience as teacher in Tuballo Swing school in Florence in 2016.


World Class Expert

Ryan Francois is a producer, choreographer, dancer, instructor and historian.